Bredley Holding - effective
and professional management of fintech projects

Financial stability, innovative technologies, experience in emerging markets - for successful work in the fintech ecosystem

Change fintech ecosystem

We are changing the credit market landscape by creating non-bank lenders

Create opportunities

We are providing financial flexibility for the underbanked with our fintech companies


We are implementing innovations that make non-bank fintech business evolve

Bredley Holding is an international holding company that successfully develops digital lending business

A balanced approach to the distribution of income and investment, allows you to successfully implement the initiatives of the enterprises of the group. At the heart of the international holding:


Developing  fintech ecosystem and providing access to quality lending resources for a wider client base

At the heart of the international holding:

Own IT infrastructure

High-performance, scalable IT infrastructure ensures security and reliability of financial processes

Financial security

Current holding structure ensures financial, investment, liquidity and legal stability for the group companies, and enables synergies and efficient implementation of new technologies

Effective management

High professionalism and years of experience in creating effective management systems for the successful implementation of initiatives

Countries with
project offices
10 +
Financial projects
in the investment portfolio
Years of experience of successful asset
4 mln
Customer base of finteh projects

Company's news

31 March 2022 11:59

The Red Line Foundation funded by Bredley Holding, stands with Ukraine and directs its efforts to help people who suffer from armed conflict.

14 September 2020 15:17

The demands of social distancing have put fintech in the spotlight because digital financial services can help solve everyday tasks quickly and safely under quarantine conditions. Thus, COVID-19 highlighted infrastructure deficiencies and low levels of digital literacy of users.

16 January 2020 11:19

Cross-border transfers, quick loans, personalized financial advice from artificially intelligent apps and managing your personal budget through a mobile phone with zero or minimum cost – sounds like a distant bright future. But today, thousands of startups around the world make this possible. Yet, not everyone has equal access to finance. According to The Global […]